We build Websites & Mobile Apps

We convert your Ideas into Products using premium code quality which is highly scalable.

Our Team

Inkoop has developed a team of professional and talented developers that assist you in developing your website and mobile apps.

  • Our goal is to build some high performing website and mobile app in the world.
  • We love solving difficult problems and building challenging products.
  • We code in multiple languages, frameworks, learn new things and build products.


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Our Services

We choose the latest technology which best fits your requirement.
Our focus is always on on-time delivery of the project with quality work.

Server Management | DevOps

Kubernetes | Docker | Jenkins | Chef | AWS | GCE | Capistrano

Web Scraping

Selenium | CasperJS | PhantomJS | Mechanize | Nokogiri | BeautifulSoup | Scrapy

Inkoop has been incredible to work with. Brought on originally for some quick contract work over the last year has become the lead developer for our web app. Communication, time management, and a firm understanding of the platform are some of the reasons I enjoy working with this company.
Source: https://www.facebook.com/inkoop.consultancy/posts/1543601578988393
Inkoop has done great work for us for years. That have done many projects for us and they always deliver great work. They work quickly and effectively with no drama. Their code always has solid structure, good test coverage, and is always clean, readable and maintainable.
Source: https://www.facebook.com/ryanalynporter/posts/10155088391559503
Incredible services for web development. Team is very reliable to support development project in high quality of frontend and backend solutions, features releases on time/budget, to advise on optimal and creative solutions features/budget/timeline and the entire needs for infrastructure.
Source: https://www.facebook.com/inkoop.consultancy/posts/1205558422792712
Vivek's team did an incredible job by turning around the Cravy web app in 8 weeks which is commendable given the requirements of the application. Before appointing Inkoop, we worked with other development teams as well, but could never get the level of confidence as most of them could not understand the vision of the product.
Source: https://www.facebook.com/inkoop.consultancy/posts/1196583053690249