AMS Network

Technologies Used

Ruby on Rails
React JS
Node JS
AWS ElasticTranscoder
AWS Media Convert

A backend data management system for FAVA (Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta) and other Canadian communities which is mainly about maintaining the data of film schools. The equipments and facilities required for a film school will be given for rent to the users. Users can book the assets and can participate in the programs and workshops held for aspiring enthusiasts. The price for the booking depends on the type of the user, users who are the member of the organization will be benefited the most.

What did we do?

  • Built their backend management tool to manage booking of Film equiments, activity facilities, attend programs and manage film projects.
  • Worked on hosting the website and media content on AWS
  • Built integration with 3rd party apps like Quickbook, Dropbox.
  • Managing transfer, encoding and conversion of videos (>10GB).