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Top 3 Standuply Slack alternatives in 2023

Stand-up meetings are what you start your day with if you are a part of any team working with the Agile Methodology. This is why we bring to you 3 great alternatives to Standuply. Select the one that suits you best.

Posted by Abiha, Ameena on 25 Aug 2023
Top 3 Standuply Slack alternatives in 2023

Standuply is a great option for your daily stand-up meetings. But Brian, wouldn't it be great if you explored other options for Standuply? Who knows you might just discover an app that performs better at a lower cost!

And guess what, we are here to help you with the right options. But how do you find the one that is right for you? Count on us to help you with that too! Ah, mention not.

So, how many options are we bringing to you today? 3.

What are they? Sup, Troopr and Standup Buddy.

And how do they compare against Standuply? Let's see the breakdown.

1. Pricing

Standuply offers you a host of features, true. But it comes at a price that is more expensive than most of the daily stand-up bots available. Standuply costs you $1.5/month/user for its team package and $3.5/month/user for its business package along with a free plan. Let's see what others have to offer us.

a. What does Sup offer?

The pricing package of Sup looks like this:

It offers you a Pro plan that covers your entire workspace without any user limits for $29/month and a Premium package that your entire team can enjoy at $49/month. The annual packages come at a subsidized rate too. Find more information here.

The Pro plan offers you a range of benefits. Here are some highlights.

  • Unlimited follow-ups with an unlimited number of follow-up members.
  • Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly scheduling options for follow-ups.
  • Control over who can view or edit follow-ups.
  • Custom reminders for follow-ups.
  • Timezone control over individual follow-ups.
  • Customizations for intro messages, outro messages, thread messages and question types.
  • Unlimited follow-up report generation.
  • Team mood analysis and customization.
  • Management of public holiday schedules.
  • Access control.
  • Integration with Google Sheets.

The Premium plan gives you these and more. What more?

  • Custom stats for follow-ups.
  • Management of individual team members' holiday schedules.
  • Forms with ready templates.
  • Custom features.

You can even choose to continue with a free plan that offers 1 active follow-up for 15 members. This plan however does not come with any customizations that other plans offer.

b. What does Troopr offer?

The next alternative, Troopr comes with team packages too but sadly unlike Sup, the user count is capped at 500 users only. And the packages are priced slightly higher than what you would wish.

  • The Pro package Troopr offers is priced at $39/month.
  • The Premium package costs you $103/month.
  • The Enterprise package comes at $239/month.

c. What does Standup Buddy offer?

Another Standuply alternative that we are talking about here is Standup Buddy. This daily stand-up bot offers you features at three levels but all capped at their user limit.

  • The Basic plan that comes at $19/month allows only 20 participants.
  • The Premium Plan priced at $49/month can be used by a team of a maximum of 50 participants.
  • The Enterprise Plan meant for large teams of up to 200 participants is available at an expensive rate of $129/month.


Product Free Plan Pro/Team Plan Premium/Business Plan
Standuply $0 (3 users) $2/user $4/user
Sup $0 (15 users) $29 (flat price) $49 (flat price)
Troopr - $49 (500 users) $129 (500 users)
Standup Buddy - $19 (20 users) $49 (50 users)

2. Reminders

Standuply happens to be a fairly good solution for your stand-up meeting needs. In case participants miss out on responding to a daily stand-up, it will send them periodic reminders to remind them to respond to the bot. You can do so by setting the duration on the end-time reminder that the app offers. But, is that enough? Do others give you better options? Let's see.

a. What does Sup offer?

Reminders are an important add-on feature of any stand-up bot. Sup clearly understands that and this is why it gives you an additional feature besides the regular reminders. Using this, you can send custom reminders to the participants who have not responded to the stand-up even after multiple reminders.

Sup Reminders

This ensures that the members do end up answering the daily stand-up even if they have missed out on the regular reminders to do so.

b. What does Troopr offer?

The second daily stand-up bot alternative we are talking about here - Troopr - too gives you the opportunity to send periodic reminders to your stand-up meeting participants along with custom reminders. But, you'd like to take note that this feature comes at a hefty cost and is limited to a set number of users only.

c. What does Standup Buddy offer?

In all honesty, Standup Buddy, despite being a great simplistic answer to your daily stand-up needs, fails you in this regard. It offers you no option to remind your stand-up meeting participants to submit their responses after the scheduled time.


Product Periodic reminder Custom reminder
Standuply Yes No
Sup Yes Yes
Troopr Yes Yes
Standup Buddy No No

3. Mood Tracker

Do you know what can make your daily async stand-up meetings even better, Brian? A daily tab on your team's mood. Why? Because then you not only get an idea about what your team is doing but also how your team is doing. This insight is greatly helpful to let the HRs know when they should be conducting their team building meetings so that the team remains pepped up and in good spirits.

Unfortunately, Standuply does not offer you a way where you can track team mood. But, do the alternatives? Let’s find out.

a. What does Sup offer?

Sup offers an anonymous team mood tracking feature in both its paid plans. You can easily integrate the mood tracking feature in its asynchronous stand-up meetings and receive insights like the average team mood for the day in the daily stand-up report - both in the form of a descriptive emoticon and an average score out of 5. As shown below, you can also find a graphical illustration of average mood over time on the Sup dashboard.

Mood Tracker

But is that all? No. The stats page of the stand-up also gives you a sneak peek into the happiest day, the least happy day and the average team mood over time for a given period - current week, past week, current month and past month.

b. What does Troopr offer?

Our second alternative to Standuply seems to do pretty much the same thing as Sup but at a higher cost. The dashboard gives you a mood score as well as a pie chart of the team mood distribution. You can also check the best day and worst day in terms of team mood for a number of periods.

But, do you know what the dashboard also shares with you, Brian? Individual mood scores of each team member for a particular day or period. This means that the responses to the mood tracker aren't anonymous. And when the answers aren't anonymous, would you be willing to answer the question honestly and allow others to track your mood?

c. What does Standup Buddy offer?

The best thing about Standup Buddy is that it is simple to manage. But simplicity often comes at a cost. This is the case with our third alternative to Standuply. It is so simplistic that it let go of features that could turn around your asynchronous stand-up meetings. Standup Buddy does not have a mood-tracking feature that you can add to your daily stand-up meetings.


Product Tracks mood? Tracks mood anonymously?
Standuply No -
Sup Yes Yes
Troopr Yes No
Standup Buddy No -

4. Interaction Type Choice

How would you feel if you get to choose between two destinations for your next team outing vis-a-vis if you are only told that you would be going to this place? The first option makes you feel good, right? Because you get to have a choice. This is something that Standuply fails to give you in terms of interaction type.

The daily stand-ups from Standuply do not offer you a choice in the way you interact with the stand-up bot. The stand-up bot asks for your answers in a conversational manner and wraps up the report.

But, do the Standuply alternatives offer a choice? Only one way to find out!

a. What does Sup offer?

Sup offers you a choice between a dialog box interaction and a chat-based interaction for its stand-up bot. You can choose between the two by looking at which format suits you best.

Interaction type choice

The dialog box interaction type places all the stand-up questions in a single box one after the other to allow you to answer the questions real quick. Whereas, the chat-based interaction allows you to format your answers as per the options available in your company messaging platform.

You can decide what's more important to you and choose accordingly.

b. What does Troopr offer?

Troopr gives you choices too in terms of interaction type. You can choose to answer in a dialog box format or in a threaded format where you can format the text as per the settings of the messaging platform you are operating on. Only downside? The price you have to pay to avail of this choice.

c. What does Standup Buddy offer?

Standup Buddy does not offer us a choice to decide on an interaction type. It gives us conversational-based interaction type as the only option available.


Product Dialog box interaction Chat-based interaction
Standuply No Yes
Sup Yes Yes
Troopr Yes Yes
Standup Buddy No Yes

In the end

It is really a matter of pros and cons. What makes all the difference is how the features offered line up against the price they are offered at. Are they available at a lower price? Do they do the same job? If yes, it would be silly to go for a stand-up bot that is priced heavily.

We attempted to break down the Standuply alternatives to you. And now you have the important job - Choose. Sup, Troopr or Standup Buddy?

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