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A Comprehensive Guide On Building A Custom CRM Software

If your business is growing, at some point in time you will find a need of building a custom CRM software. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you build one.

Posted by Bishakha on 06 Sep 2020
A Comprehensive Guide On Building A Custom CRM Software

Digitization is at its peak today. And thanks to its advent because of which we are experiencing smoother business operations. Gone are the days, when businesses used to maintain their sales record in their ginormous files which always remained piled up on the office desks. With time, the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software came into being which made maintaining the sales record of the customers easier and simpler. Currently, Custom CRM software is helping both small & big entities in better management of their business; thus churning out more profits.

If your business is already automated, then you must be aware of what a CRM software is. But if you’re still running an offline business, then this is something that you should get built for your business.

With the CRM systems, businesses can now track their customers' journey through a sales funnel. This CRM system helps in automating the business processes thus maximizing a better workflow process. Also, tracking profits and losses have actually been simplified with these kinds of unique software. And the best part about these CRM based apps is that they can be used by multiple departments of your organization. The teams can individually interact with your customers and keep all the data updated in the software itself. Reaching out to customers has become even easier with this CRM system.

Why Does An Entrepreneur Need a Custom CRM Software For His/ Her Business?

Some of the best SaaS websites available online surely do an amazing job but with customized CRM software, you can easily operate your business operations and save a lot of your money, especially in the long term.

Here are a few reasons why you need one for your business:

1. Your business needs an identity

With customized CRM software, your business gets a new identity. Customers can now easily connect with you through your brand name in the CRM software. Also one of the benefits of customization is that you can manipulate and design it in your own way. But this is not in the case of the readily available CRM software over the internet. Also, communication with your users and customers through messages and emails gets a standardized form which makes you almost equivalent to your competitors.

2. Feature-packed software

CRM apps can add an appeal to your business. With all other essential extra features, you can bring uniqueness in your workflow. With customized CRM software, your team will enjoy interacting with your customers and context which will help in nurturing the leads as well. Also with CRM application, you can train your team members with great efficiency.

3. Customization incurs lesser expense

If you are thinking that customizing your own CRM app will encourage you more expensive, then you are wrong. The fact is, if you purchase a readymade CRM software then it will be generally priced as per user usage. Also, the software which you are getting over the internet often doesn't fit with your organization’s needs. If you go for a customized CRM software, then you will have to make just a one-time investment.

4. Better business productivity

Perfectly working customized CRM software can help you scale your business to new heights. For instance, you can now build extra CRM applications for your teams with a single database. You can modify it whenever required and improvise your business productivity by using the software efficiently.

What Type Of CRM Softwares Can They Opt From?

Now when you have known why you need a CRM software for your business, let's check out its types. As per your business requirement, you need to choose any one type of CRM software that will help you achieve your business goals.

1. Analytical CRM

This type of CRM software is basically meant for checking the real-time analytics and data of your business. The main goal of this kind of CRM software is to help you with planning and making informed decisions for your business. With analytical CRM you will be able to gain huge information and data of your contacts. You will be able to gain better statistical insights and the overall analytics data of your business. With analytical CRM you will be able to know how well your business is performing and what collaborative decisions you need to make with your team in order to improve the workflow and revenue generation.

2. Operational CRM

Operational CRM software mainly focuses on business operations. Through this CRM software, you can automate your sales and streamline your business. This kind of CRM includes features like contact management, lead management, sales pipeline, marketing workflow management, and help desk. This can be considered as a proper CRM software for managing your customer service. Also, you can track the sales funnel and see how many leads have been converted and what you need to do with those in the future.

3. Collaborative CRM

For bringing in more efficiency to the communication system in your team, collaborative CRM is the best one. With a lucid data sharing process teams can now easily communicate with each other through collaborative CRM. For shared system and group discussions, this kind of platform is generally preferred by the businesses. Team members can now easily check out their activities and share files and documents with each other through this platform.

These are some of the best custom CRM software platforms which you can choose for your organization depending on your requirement. If you need three of them, then you can customize them and club three of these CRM types into a single platform. The choice is yours.

CRM Software Features That You Cannot Afford To Skip

It is clear that if you need a customized CRM software, then you need to equip it with all sorts of unique features. Let us check out some of the must-have features in your CRM software.

1. Contact management

This feature is meant for managing your contact, especially the company's clients and representatives. With this feature, you can track the communication trail between your team members and clients. Also, through this feature, you can check your customer’s information and access the entire partnership history of your customers with your company. This type of feature improvises the overall communication system with your customers and you are not required to keep a manual track of them. Also, whenever you have a call with them, you are not required to ask all the details of the deal, as you already have everything in handy with this customized CRM feature.

2. Document sharing

With this type of feature, you can find all the documents in a single place. The file-sharing system allows you to distribute files amongst your team members and also with clients whenever required. You can also set the access for different employees for respective files. This feature almost works like Google doc, where you can easily see who is working on that file and who has made the last edits. This will keep a track of all the recordings of the changes that were made in the file.

3. Email marketing framework

Including this feature in your custom CRM software is extremely crucial as this will allow you to connect with your customers via mail. For instance, you can send the weekly or bi-weekly business newsletters to your customers and keep a track of your subscribers and unsubscribers. Also, it is possible to check the click rate of your emails and the mail IDs of your customers who have viewed your email. The best part about this feature is that you are not required to send manual emails to each and every client/ lead of yours as you can schedule the drip email and the mail will be sent automatically to your customer and client groups.

4. Social media integration

By integrating your social media channels with your CRM platform, you can know how your customers are responding to your social media post or brand. You can also check who has mentioned through hashtags on social media. You can even check the analytics to measure if your brand is being liked by your customers and how they are responding to it.

5. Pipeline review

The pipeline review feature allows you to track the progress of your sales funnel. With the help of this feature, you can see which user is becoming your lead and then converting it into qualified leads. This also lets you get access to how you are losing your customers or gaining some. This is a perfect feature for tracing all your sales processes in one go.

6. Invoicing framework

Having an invoicing feature in your CRM software will help you to check the client invoices anytime you like. Gone are the days, when businesses used to manually maintain their invoice receipts in files. Now, by integrating any third-party payment integration framework in your customized CRM app, both you and your clients can make smoother and hassle-free transactions. You can also implement accounting software into your CRM app for generating invoices.

7. Custom reporting

This feature lets you track the report of your teammates. This mainly depends on your business requirements. Checking the progress of your team or any individual employee becomes possible with this feature.

There are also several additional features that you can implement in your app. This also depends on your personal business needs. The advanced CRM software features may include customer care management, chatbot, referral tracking, client calls, third party integrations, etc. So whatever additional features you require for your business, you can get it implemented by the CRM software development experts.

Advantages Of Building A Custom CRM Software

Advantages Building A Custom CRM Software

Custom CRM software can help you bring in new customers and retain the current ones. It works as one of the best tools for communicating with clients at each level of communication. Let's check out what advantages can you leverage by building a custom CRM app:

1. Enhanced productivity

By having a customizable CRM software for your business, your workflow automatically gets a boost. Your employees find it easier to communicate with your customers and help in maintaining a healthy relationship with them. This in turn doubles your business productivity.

2. Tailor-made solutions

The main benefit of having a customized CRM software is that you can implement features in it, as per your business requirements, thus incurring the lower expense.

3. Regular customized insights

With all data stored in a single place, it is now easier for you to get regular insights from your customers. This helps you in checking where you are leaning towards in your business.

4. Team management

Tracking your team’s progress has never been so easy with custom CRM software. Also, with this unique software, you can get your team’s progress report under a single digital umbrella.

Is The Cost Of Building A Custom CRM Software Boggling You?

There are various factors that influence the overall cost of custom CRM development. There is no such fixed rate of getting a CRM app developed, as there are a plethora of tech partners who can create the best software for your business. Each company has individual charges for building one.

There are a few things that you need to consider while determining the cost of building custom CRM software. For instance, you need to check on the features that you need to implement in your CRM software. Each feature is priced accordingly. Also, most of the software development companies charge based on the number of hours they are dedicating to each feature. The pricing also depends on what type of CRM software you require for your business, along with the type of technology you prefer to be integrated. A proper update of cost estimation for a custom CRM app can be explained in detail by the tech partner or company you choose.

Manage Your Business Like A Pro With Custom CRM Software

The goal of any business is to form a sustainable and healthy relationship with their customers and managing this relationship is a way to build the foundation of customer loyalty and trust. All the successful business giants today rely on customized CRM software that automates your business processes and streamlines your customer’s journey. Now when you have known the cruciality of building custom CRM software, then do not just wait and jump directly into building one for your business.

If you have any CRM app idea in your mind, then Inkoop experts can help you in getting one. Trust our expert hands and let us help you to scale your business management goals. Contact us for a one-to-one consultation session today.

- Bishakha

Build your custom CRM software. Schedule a Free Consultation with our Experts.
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