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I have an app idea but no programming skills - Start Here!

I have an app idea but no programming skills - Here's a step by step guide to turning your app idea into a reality and how to start building a successful app.

Posted by Bishakha on 18 Sep 2020
I have an app idea but no programming skills - Start Here!

In the last ten to fifteen years, mobile applications have drastically influenced our lifestyle. Also, we have seen how businesses are plunging into the online platforms and are churning out huge revenues out of it. Everybody is trying their level best to be the next Unicorn startup. But there are few factors which come in your way to become the Jack Of Trades.

So, if you are a businessman or an entrepreneur who has a brilliant app idea in mind, then pause for some time and think before you start investing your fortune on your app. Ask yourself if you know about the type of programming skills that are required to build an app.

Now you must be wondering that “yes, I have an app idea but no programming skills”.

If you are confused about where to begin or how to acquire knowledge about the programming skills, then don't worry, we have got everything covered for you.

Why Is Having An App Idea Not Enough?

If you are an entrepreneur you must have seen the rise and fall of different startups. But have you ever wondered, what is the reason behind this failure? Most of the app-based startups begin with an idea that would eventually let them grow and earn Millions. But only a few succeed.

So, now you see having an app idea is not just enough to be in the market. You need to consider several factors like choosing the right technology, going for proper market research, implementing the best features, going for the beta testing process, having an amazing onboarding process, devising a strong marketing plan, and so on. The list is never-ending.

This Is Where Product Validation Comes In!

Validation of your App is the only way to save you from failure. Product validation is all about testing your app idea, in order to check if it is useful to your target audience, pre-launch. Start with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). An MVP is a beta version of your app. It is a prototype of your app with minimalistic features. This will help you in asking questions to your potential buyers if your app idea is to solve their pain points. If your app fails to meet the requirements of your potential users, then it is better not to go forward with the app idea. However, if you get a positive response from your target audience then you are good to go.

Know About The Programming Skill Before Building An App

Although you will be taking the help of an app development company for turning your app Idea into reality, still it is your duty to know a bit about software development planning. Let's move on to discuss the basics.

1. User interface design

Even if you have an app idea, but no programming skills, having sound knowledge of UI & UX is vital for any app owner. Having a good UI design builds the foundation of any app. If your user experiences a crash while using your app, then the chances are higher that he or she might go for uninstalling it from their smartphone. The URL of your mobile app should be such that it forms a good interaction between the software and the user. It is not just enough to have a good backend functionality, as there are plenty of apps making rounds in the Play Store to gain the topmost position. So having a superior quality UI design is extremely important for the app to function smoothly.

2. Programming or coding

Programming an app involves all sorts of technicalities and if you are a non-technical person, then it is better to take the help of an expert app development company. However, you may do a bit of research on programming languages like Java, Objective C, Swift Code, Kotlin, etc. You just need to evaluate if your app will include complex or simple features. It is always recommended that an app with simple features performs better than an app stuffed with numerous features. So it's crucial to understand the mobile app trends. Also, if you have coding knowledge of CSS and HTML, then it will be a plus point for you.

3. Cost estimation

Cost estimation or budget of an app is something that makes you scratch your head. Most of the entrepreneurs who do not have a sufficient budget leave their app idea in the midway before turning them into reality. Yes, budget is an important factor that you should consider before app development. Different app development companies have different charges for developing an app. Also, it depends on several other features that determine the overall cost of developing a mobile app. Remember developing an app requires a decent budget, as it will be after all your lifetime investment.

4. Know about tech stack

The technical stack depends on the type of platform you are using for developing your business app. First, you need to decide if you are going for an Android app or an iOS app. You may think "I have an app idea but no programming skills". however, knowing a bit about the tech stack is necessary for you to understand your app’s technicalities. You can also go for cross-platform app development however it will cost you a bit higher.

5. Having an MVP plan ready

As already mentioned in the previous part of the article, establishing a perfect MVP plan should be one of your app goals. This helps you to get a quick entry into the app market. Also, this will help you to monitor your app’s user experience and you get to know the areas where your app needs improvement.

6. Database and backend server

You should also know about the process of setting up a database and backend server. Ask your app developer about the process of creating API or Web Services for your app. You need a robust backend database and architecture for your dream app, as this will work as a backbone of your app.

7. Testing

Before you submit your app to the App Stores, it is extremely crucial to test it. Learn more about the process of conducting a manual testing process from your developer. For this process, you need assistance from your app developer in creating certificates and APK or API files for uploading it. Also, you need to check if your app is running smoothly on different platforms. Your main motive should be to check the functioning of your mobile app pre-launch.

8. App launch followed by app marketing

Your app has been launched in the App Stores, but it is not yet the right time to celebrate. You need to do extensive marketing of your app through social media campaigns. You need to find out ways to promote your app beaching out to your target audience. It is your audience or users who will determine if your app is a success or a flop. So, market your app wisely.

You Have A Great App Idea - Now What?

Now let's move on to discuss what you need to do after you have a great app idea:

1. Research is the key

Research is the first thing that you need to do after having an app idea. Peek into your competitors and see what they are doing to be at the top. Learn more about their marketing strategies and try to understand what sets you apart and build a strategy and move further with your app.

2. Interact with your users

Without having a good interaction system with your users, you will never be able to know their opinion about your app. You may go for conducting a poll on Facebook or surveys on LinkedIn, for building a strong user base. Focus on the feedback and apply them to your app.

3. Plan on your finance

The app launch is something that requires a bit of investment. But, that doesn't mean that you will spend your fortune in developing an app. The budget not only comes in terms of developing an app but it also while you market it. So, having a good budget will help you to be on the safer side.

4. Hire a mobile app development partner

The next big thing would be to hire a tech partner or an app development company for your mobile app. As you are making a good amount of investment in your app, it is extremely vital for you to do research on the developers or app development company that you are about to hire. Before hiring, check their portfolios, company profiles, and most importantly client testimonials. Client testimonials will help you to know what kind of projects the company or the individual developer has been involved in all this while. Discuss your budget and the delivery time of your project with them. Overall finalize the best one for your dream project.

Post App Launch Task

After you have successfully launched your app in the App Stores, it is the right time for you to market your app. Let's discuss the best practices that you need to follow post your app launch:

1. App marketing through social media

Almost half of the global population being hooked into social media platforms has created a good place for the businessman and entrepreneurs in leveraging this very opportunity. Social media is just the place for promoting your app.

Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest & Quora are some of the best places for app marketing. Come out with plans of using different social media platforms for app promotion. Scheme profitable strategies that would entice the audience to have a look at your app.

2. Send personalized emails

Every app marketer knows why it is essential to pitching a personalized email just after the launch. An email that is sent in a personalized way makes a substantial impact on the mind of your customer. Ask your users to provide a good review of your app in the App Stores. With good ratings and reviews, the chances are higher that you get on the top of the App Store listing.

3. Use push notifications as reminders

There are 10 other apps or even more in your user’s smartphone. It is not compulsory for them to use your app on a daily basis, so it is essential for you to remind the existence of your App on their smartphones through “push notifications” For example, you can inform your users about a new feature that you have just added in your app or inform them about a special discount. In this way, you can keep your users glued to your app. But you should take care that you are not disturbing them with too many push notifications or else they might go about removing the app from their smartphones.

4. Ask for feedback

Ask for feedback from your users. Remember feedback is highly important for your app’s success. If you are getting negative feedback more, then it is high time that you start working on them. Also, on the other hand, if you are getting positive feedback that doesn't mean that you will stop improvising your app’s features. Remember, if you are working on your users' feedback, then this will build a relationship of trust between you and your users, and they will themselves market your app through word of mouth.

Start With Your Amazing App Idea Today

If you follow all the steps wisely, only then you can ensure the success of your app. So, if an app idea suddenly pops up into your mind, then sort out a pre-launch plan, follow all the steps before you plunge on the investment part. Analyze all the aspects that you need to bring together for developing an amazing app and then go for it.

Want to discuss your app idea with experts? Connect with Inkoop and get your app idea turned into a real product. Request for a callback today.

- Bishakha

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