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The 30 Best SaaS Websites That One Can Use for Inspiration

To grow your company you need a good website. So, we've compiled a list of 30 best SaaS websites with powerful elements & beautiful designs for inspiration.

Posted by Mohita on 07 Aug 2020
The 30 Best SaaS Websites That One Can Use for Inspiration

The 30 Best SaaS Websites That One Can Use for InspirationChecking your daily e-mails using applications like G-Mail or using productivity applications are examples of SaaS applications. Did you know that the total size of the public SaaS market is projected to reach $157 million in 2020? (Source: Statista).

First, let’s discuss SaaS in more detail. What does it mean, and how is it different from regular software?

SaaS stands for “software as a service”. SaaS is an example of software on-demand. Users can subscribe to the software based on a subscription model. For instance, users can pay for software on a monthly or yearly basis. The difference between SaaS companies and regular software is that you cannot purchase software on a one-time basis. A one-time payment model requires users to pay for customer support separately. There is no separate cost other than the subscription fee when it comes to SaaS. Integration with other vendors is possible while using SaaS-based applications.

These are the best 30 SaaS websites that businesses can learn from. If you’re planning to provide a SaaS-based service, knowing about some popular SaaS applications can benefit you. Read on to know more about what they can do for your business.

1. HubSpot

HubSpot is the ultimate spot for all content marketers. From search engine optimization to e-mail marketing, HubSpot helps businesses to attract leads and convert them into customers.

Traditional marketing is no longer the norm and content marketing has gained immense popularity. HubSpot takes advantage of this trend.

For instance, a software company can include the option of live chat on its website. This will help it to collect information like e-mails through a chatbox. Personalized e-mails can be sent to the customers based on the services they browsed through on the website. This makes HubSpot an all-in-one marketing solution. Isn’t that what every enterprise is looking for in today’s world of digital marketing?

Hubspot has a call-to-action button that says, “Get Hubspot Free.” This encourages a target customer to start a subscription for Hubspot’s services.

2. Adobe

Who can miss out on Adobe’s magnificent design solutions?

Whether it’s Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, you can treat your eyes with the best graphics. Adobe is considered the leading solution for a company that needs to work on its digital marketing.

Adobe specifically targets creative professionals or businesses that want to make use of productivity applications. Every SaaS company must carefully determine its target audience, and Adobe has done that.

3. Mailchimp

Promoting your business becomes easy when you have the option of using Mailchimp. Whether it is e-mail marketing or marketing automation, Mailchimp can do it for you. You can target your audience with the help of marketing campaigns. You can define your target audience based on several factors. The level of engagement of the customer with a brand and their likelihood to purchase a product/service are two factors.

Mailchimp has a data-driven approach to marketing. It observes patterns in data, which every SaaS company must do.

4. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor helps companies leverage the power of e-marketing to the fullest. It’s a wonderful solution for businesses who wish to work towards their marketing goals.

A beautifully designed website and a compelling call-to-action button helps the SaaS company convert its leads into customers.

Campaign Monitor

5. Slack

Nobody could’ve imagined that the world would shift to working remotely in 2020.

On the brighter side, Slack is a SaaS platform that allows companies to stay productive while working remotely.

Slack links to other pages on its website, which is essential for a good SaaS website. Internal links link to webpages such as the pricing and the resources webpages.

6. Shopify

Shopify is a popular platform that allows companies to sell products online.

Imagine that you decide to sell e-commerce products online. Soon, you realize that putting the products alone isn’t enough. You have to perform marketing activities.

With Shopify, you can use live features like chat support (Shopify Bing) and Facebook Ads.

Shopify uses a unique selling point to create a reputation for itself. Here is an image from its landing page.


7. Survey Monkey

Creating and distributing surveys is a long and tiresome process.

Wouldn’t you prefer to make the process easier for you?

If you need feedback about your company’s products/services, Survey Monkey is an option that you must surely consider. It is a tool that enables businesses to create and share surveys. Businesses can purchase paid plans to get their surveys filled. This enables them to get the desired responses within the time frame that they’ve set for themselves.

Unless a target customer understands how a SaaS platform works, they won’t be convinced to buy it. Here’s an explanation that Survey Monkey provides to its target audience.

Survey Monkey

8. Zoom

Don’t you think that working remotely has become easier than ever before?

Many applications that support video calls or phone calls. Zoom is one of them.

Zoom has changed the way teams communicate. From video calls to live conferences, Zoom proves that distance isn’t a barrier when it comes to running a business.

It’s a great platform for you to host your next team meeting in.

Zoom’s compatibility with both a PC and a mobile makes it a great SaaS platform to consider.


9. Act-on

Many aspects that must be taken care of when it comes to marketing.

Act-On optimizes e-mails and websites. It helps a business to convert leads into customers and provide them with a wonderful user experience.

The image below shows how Act-On shows its target audience that chasing leads is not enough. The value it provides differentiates itself from other automated marketing platforms.

10. Cvent

Event management is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.

Cvent helps businesses to manage events, take guest registrations and process payments through the platform. Businesses can now focus on the more important aspects of event management and leave some tasks for the platform.

Cvent collects its target customers’ data by enabling them to fill in a contact us form. SaaS platforms must collect data to send personalized e-mails and important resources.


11. Zuora

If you worry about managing your customers and billing them efficiently, you must use Zuora’s services. With Zuora, you can obtain information about customer insights and test pricing strategies.


12. Wufoo

Does making forms, automating workflows and making reports sound daunting to you?

Wufoo makes it easy to create online forms, accept payments online and export data on productivity applications like Microsoft Excel.

Videos on a SaaS website help make them more engaging for the target audience. Here is one of Wufoo’s videos on its landing page.


13. Cisco

Cisco provides IT hardware and services to companies.

In a world where security has become a major point of concern for businesses, Cisco provides e-mail security protection. Moreover, it provides cloud-based applications and IoT networking solutions.


14. Veeva

Whether you want to train your workforce or take advantage of consulting services, Veeva can aid you.


15. Workday

Looking for a solution that will make managing your business easy?

Workday makes it easy to manage finances and human resources. Finance, HR and planning services can be accessed using a single platform.

Customers will take some cash out of their pockets after they look at the splendid customer testimonials.


16. Intercom

Do you want to run the extra mile for your customers?

Intercom is a solution that brands can use to build relationships with their customers. It is a solution for companies who wish to personalize messages and create marketing campaigns.

Attractive images are the key to any appealing SaaS website and Intercom realizes this.


17. Rafflecopter

Imagine that an e-commerce store wants to launch a new giveaway contest for people who participate in its contest.

Starting from scratch, managing a new campaign can be difficult. Rafflecopter realised this problem and came up with a platform of its own. That’s how it came across as an unique SaaS platform.

Rafflecopter is the most efficient platform that you can use to launch a campaign. Try it now and experience its magic for yourself.

18. Help Scout

Help Scout understands the importance of customer engagement. You can easily connect with customers and add tools provided by companies like HubSpot. Team management is also easier through Help Scout as features like sharing team inboxes are made available.

Help Scout provides a free trial to its target customers.

Help Scout

19. DocuSign

If creating agreements and storing them seems like a challenging task, use DocuSign. It enables a company to store agreements and understand their terms.

DocuSign is compatible with both PC and mobile, making it an application which the user can access from anywhere

20. Teem

Planning for the future is crucial. Not planning can lead to a loss of employee productivity and disrupt business operations.

Teem’s workplace analytics software helps in booking conference rooms ahead of time. Workplaces and desks can be reserved, which prevents any interruptions in employees’ time.


21. JotForm

JotForm creates forms like product order forms and registration forms. Form widgets and report builder services are also available. Get the responses that you need in time!

JotForm uses attractive images to show how people can use its features.


22. Toggl

Do you want to know the average amount of time that you spend on a project?

Toggl provides time tracking services and sets reminders for the tasks that are due.

You’ll never miss a deadline again!


23. EverNote

Juggling between many tasks is anything but simple.

With EverNote, one can become more organized and make notes. At the end of the day, you can forget a task. EverNote’s job is to make it impossible to forget a job that needs to be done.

Here’s an image that shows how Evernote shows its unique value proposition.


24. PandaDoc

With PandaDoc, you can create contracts and proposals easily. It is a one-stop solution to meet the daily requirements of a business enterprise.

The platform is compatible for both PC and mobile.

25. Favro

Teams that collaborate are successful.

Favro provides a platform for teams to collaborate with each other. Conversations and plans can be made.

26. Trading View

If you love the idea of stock trading, Trading View is the platform for you.

Trading View enables one to follow the trends in the trade market. Paid features like charts and screeners are available.

Letting users try out the free version makes it a platform where users can purchase a subscription later.

27. Salesforce

Salesforce boasts itself as being the number 1 CRM platform. This shows its target customers that it can do what it promises. Sales and marketing features can be used through the platform. Custom applications can be made through Salesforce that save time for a business.


28. Full Story

Do you want to know how well your business is performing online?

Customer retention and tracking trends are two things that become easy through using Full Story.

Full Story shows its target audience a video that explains how it solves their problems.

29. TypeForm

TypeForm’s forms are used by businesses around the globe. Whether it is collecting customer feedback or helping customers fill job or internship applications, Typeform can do it all.

When one thinks about the word “form”, they think of it as something that they’re forced to fill. People show little enthusiasm about filling them.

TypeForm uses the words “people-friendly forms” and “friendly conversation.” It shows what every SaaS company’s objective is. That is, to solve the problem of people not wanting to fill forms and give accurate data.


30. Dropbox

Many documents need to be exchanged between team members daily. Dropbox provides a convenient storage solution to meet a business’s requirements.

Dropbox presents itself as a team-friendly platform.

Dropbox helps one to keep their important documents in one central location. This increases efficiency.


These are the best 30 SaaS websites that a business can learn from. Have you used any of them before?

Inkoop has many services to offer. If you want to see what we can do for your business, head over toservices.

- Mohita

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