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12 Advantages of Mobile Apps for Businesses

12 ways your business can benefit from a mobile app. It's not just a great engagement tool but there are several advantages of mobile apps for businesses.

Posted by Bishakha on 29 Aug 2020
12 Advantages of Mobile Apps for Businesses

Owing to the boom in digitization, the demand for smartphones is increasing rapidly. This gives a huge opportunity to the stakeholders or business owners to bring in their business into the online world. Today hardly any business is untouched by the advantages of mobile apps, be it an on-demand mobile app or any business based app. The business owners are leaving no stone unturned to make their presence felt through online mode.

Wondering How An App Can Help Your Business To Accelerate?

Having a mobile app for a business not only comes with various advantages but also several reasons for you to think of investing in it. One of the main advantages of mobile apps is that you are getting the presence of a larger audience which is not possible in an offline store or business.

You might think that your business won't require a mobile app as you are getting more benefits through your offline business but that's not the truth. Having an online presence allows you to reach millions of customers that indirectly help you in reaping out more benefits from your business. Although it requires a bit of investment from your side, it is actually worth it.

However, here are a few things to consider while you go for building your mobile app:

1. Address your customer’s pain points

Your app should address the pain points of your customer. If the users cannot relate themselves with your app, then your app launch might be a failure. Go for beta testing for your app or you can always launch an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) prior to your app launch. Take feedback from your customers and see where you are lagging behind. Work on the feedback and see how your app gets its desired recognition.

2. Research more on competitors

You will have competitors on your way. But you need to be ahead of them. Now, this is where research comes to your rescue. Do more research on your competitors and see what strategies they are applying to be in the forefront market. Scheme out better strategies than your competitors and come up with unique tricks to entice more customers to your business.

3. Find a tech partner

If you are a non-technical person, then you need a partner who is a tech geek. You must have someone to guide you on the non-technical issues which will ensure that you are going in the right way and you are not wasting your resources.

4. Set your budget

Budget is another important factor that often becomes a hindrance when an entrepreneur thinks of building an app for his/ her business. Since you are planning to build an app for your business, you need to invest a substantial amount to get the most out of your mobile app.

5. Hire an app development company

Assumptions never help in app development. So it is always better that you consult with an app development company that has a team of expert and experienced professionals and can get the project delivered on time.

To put it into perspective that obviously there is a market and it’s constantly growing as the app users grow. Here are the stats for growing worldwide mobile app revenue -

12 Advantages of Mobile Apps for Businesses - Mobile app revenue stats

(Source : Statista)

Have A Glimpse At The Advantages Of Mobile Apps

Now when you know why your business needs an app, let's move on to discuss the advantages of a mobile app:

1. Customers stick to your business

Having a mobile app for your business allows you to stay close to your customers. With your app, you can directly connect with your target audience and help them to meet their requirements. If your customer installs your app, then they will readily get the type of service you offer, thus increasing the reliability of your customer on your business.

2. Adds value to your customers

If your app is providing a great user experience to your customer, then your app will garner more downloads in the App Stores and Play Stores. High-quality UI and UX design along with ease of navigation while running the app boosts your customer’s engagement in your app. This allows your customers to reach your business with promptness. Whether they are sitting at the comfort of their couch or working at the office, your customers will always be engaged with your mobile app if they want anything from it. With your apps, you can offer more value to your customers.

3. Reduced marketing cost

With your app, you can reduce the cost of marketing which is not possible in case of offline business. Through mobile apps, you can easily communicate with your customers and update them about the latest features or any kind of offers through push notifications. Whereas in offline business there are several expenses related to marketing. This includes the cost of sending SMS or usage of any other form of traditional media.

4. Customers become your brand advocates

Remember if you can provide a good service to your customers through your app, then they might turn out to be your loyal proponents. Word of mouth plays an important role here as a happy customer may suggest your app to his or her acquaintances or family members.

5. Better return of investment (ROI)

Once your customers are satisfied and turn out to be your loyal advocates, then it is definite that you are going to boost up your profits. As the popularity of your app increases and more and more people start using it, the demand for your products and services automatically increases. One of the advantages of mobile apps, you can churn out more revenues from your offline business through the presence of an app.

6. Increases customer retention

People will only be encouraged to purchase something if they find value out of it and only if they are satisfied with the brand. It also depends on how that particular brand treats them. Behavior towards your customer, be it offline or online, is highly crucial to boost your customer retention. Always remember satisfying customers are your returning customers. An engaging app will always help you with customer retention.

7. Enhanced marketing strategies

With an online presence of your business, you can now market or promote your app in many ways. For example, you can leverage the power of branding in the age of social media to a huge extent, in order to promote your app online. Millennials are now hooked into various social media platforms and this is the only opportunity which the smart entrepreneurs are trying to grab in. Apart from this, you can also apply the tactics of digital marketing that will make selling your products and services easier.

8. Allows you to gain genuine feedback

With the integration of the in-app feedback system, you will get all the genuine feedback of your customers, regarding your app’s performance. Do not always expect positive reviews for your app. You might get negative reviews as well. Most often the customers face poor experience while using an app. So, if your app is a buggy one and crashes every time, then you will definitely not get a good review and the users may go for uninstalling it even. Keep working on genuine feedback, as this will keep your customers hooked into your app.

9. Engage more with customers through chatbots

Implement the feature of chatbots in your app, in order to get connected with thousands of customers at a time. But you also need to ensure that your chatbots do not sound like a bot and more like a human. Your users are smart enough to understand if they are chatting with a bot or human. They might ask tricky questions to test them. In that case, your app can redirect them to your customer support section. So you must be very careful with your chatbot implementation and make sure that all the questions of your users are answered.

10. Hassle-free monetary transactions

One of the best advantages of mobile apps is that you can now ensure hassle-free transactions between you and your customers. With an integrated payment framework in your app, there’s no trouble with cash flow into your business. Also, the customers will feel safer to pay through the integrated payment wallets.

11. Push Notifications

Push notifications is one of the biggest advantages of mobile apps for businesses. Push notifications are received even when the customer isn’t using the app. The ability to be able to notify your customers about products, services, offers, and much more. This certainly increases your sale.

12. Spur in brand recognition

When your app meets all the crucial pre-requisites of customer satisfaction, then you start gaining recognition and visibility. As your app boosts your business sales, you will be noticed by your competitors and there will be an automatic bolstering of your business app's visibility. With the constantly evolving mobile app trends being recognized as a brand surely helps.

All Set To Start With Your Mobile App?

Currently, there are over millions of app jostling to gain a respective position in the App Stores and Play Store. Thus, competition is really cut-throat for you. Everyone wants to be at the forefront and reach out to their customers in a better way. So, if you want to join this business digitization revolution and increase your customer base along with sales, then understanding the advantages of mobile apps and using them to frame a business strategy are just a solution for your business. All you need is to reach out to the best app development company of the town and get your dream app built by expert hands.

- Bishakha

Mobile Apps Development for your business to help you reach the right audience.
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