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15 unique web app ideas in 2022

2022 is a good time to start an wep app business. Here are few fresh ideas that you can present to a custom app development firm, and get started.

Posted by Anubhav De on 11 Feb 2022
15 unique web app ideas in 2022

Website applications have matured over the past decade. With constant disruptive tech innovations, the possibilities of web app development have become seemingly limitless. In 2022 there is probably a web application for everything you can think of.

The tech industry has grown to an extent that it cannot be considered as a separate industry anymore. Every industry in existence has crossed the domain with technology. This has resulted in a huge global community of developers, dynamic evolution of application development technology and tools, and a highly efficient computing ecosystem for developers.

With these advancements, no matter how complex and feature-heavy ideas you have for an application--it can be shaped into reality.

Top 15 web-app ideas in 2022

1. Video conferencing app for e-learning

Live video conferences are a crucial medium in e-learning. Video conference apps are nothing unique, but what's unique is a video conferencing app solely made for e-learning. The app can have on-screen buttons to take quick screenshots and record videos. The app can also provide a live chat room with the video. The app can also have an on-screen calculator that works while the video is on.

Additionally, the app could also provide a whiteboard-like rough workspace for both students and teachers, that can be mutually presented among all the users. Finally, it would be brilliant if the app could come up with a solution to provide noise cancellation while recording the user's audio.

2. E-learning manager / Portal

Online courses are often very scattered, and over time unfinished courses keep piling up. A major reason behind this is a lack of centralized e-learning managers. A centralized e-learning manager that brings together all the relevant information from across multiple e-learning platforms.

The app will need to integrate all major e-learning platforms. The app should first be able to search for different courses across multiple platforms. And obviously, users should be able to pursue the courses through this app.

In terms of managing, the app should maintain a record of different courses, their overall progress, tasks and projects, and upcoming events. There could also be a feature that allows users to add notes to each course. A graphical display of the progress for each course would also be nice.

The app must have its own calendar that includes all the course-related information, and display upcoming events like exams and project submissions. The app should be able to stream video and integrate with video conferencing services. Finally, an app home screen that always notifies the user of the urgent upcoming exams, projects, and lectures.

3. Entrepreneur's dashboard

This web-based app should merge three functionalities that are highly important to any entrepreneur--data analysis, business communication, and task management. It's like If PowerBI, Slack, and JIRA became one single platform. Of course, this would be a seriously challenging app to develop, but it would definitely be worth developing.

To avoid a complicated design the app should focus on only the core functionalities of analytics, communications, and task management.

Data modeling, no-code query, and graphical representation from PowerBI. Channel-based chat from Slack, and sprint management from JIRA. Given the domain of the app, API and 3rd party app integrations will also be critical.

4. Music learning app

A single app that provides different tools and features that a person would need while learning music. This app will need audio input. The music learning app can have multiple features like a tuner, audio recorder, note identifier, metronome, beat generator, instrument sound generator for vocals practice, key and Scale guidance, instrument wise chord guidance, and such. Such an app would definitely become the go-to app for any music learning.

5. Storyboard app

This web-based app idea targets budding filmmakers, and if implemented correctly, it can attract veterans as well. This app will be an online platform to write video scripts, screenplays, and design storyboards. The app should provide templates for writing scripts and screenplays, and Photoshop-like tools for designing the storyboards. The app should provide a cloud storage facility and uploading-downloading facilities.

6. Online photo-video editing app

There already are quite a few online editing platforms, but the demand is for more. Content creation is at a record high at the moment. Almost everyone is in need of photo or video editing, from time to time.

Many of the existing online editing platforms focus on time-saving solutions, like templates and readymade pieces, which are useful but take the fun out of editing. Now this works well for a certain group of people but fails to engage an editing enthusiast--who rather stick to offline software. With core editing features this app can aim to pull on the editing enthusiast group of users.

7. AR-based interior designing app

Home renovation never goes out of demand. An Augmented Reality based interior designing app will be a fantastic solution for anyone who ever wishes to renovate their home. The app will allow users to re-imagine their interior with decors and furniture in AR. Help customers to always make the right interior design decision.

8. Ebook reader/organizer app

Reading and writing have almost completely shifted to the digital realm. This means there is an increasing need for applications that help people read and write better digitally. An app that reads ebooks and provides features that enhance the reading experience. Firstly, the app should be able to read multiple file formats. The app should have a bookmark feature, and the ability to highlight lines from the book and add comments. To store and manage your ebooks the app must have cloud storage and the feature to organize your ebooks according to genres/subjects.

9. Writing portal

A portal primarily provides a writing interface, with basic writing, text editing, and formatting features. It should allow multiple users to collaborate on a single project and integrate with different writing platforms and services like Grammarly, Notion, Microsoft word, Google docs, final draft, and such.

10. Customizable tracking chrome extension

A chrome extension to track your activities through Google Chrome, but you can customize the parameters of tracking. The app can have multiple features to optimize tracking, like selecting websites to exclude from tracking or including particular websites for tracking. Set tracking off during particular hours of the day. Auto-delete track history after a particular period. And provide search suggestions from the tracking history.

11. Password Organizer

We live our lives on the internet, and for that, we have signed up on hundreds of platforms. Remembering the login id and password to different services can be a nightmare. This can be solved by a very simple and minimalist app, that creates visual cards for different services and platforms, and each card would carry login credentials. Designing the security measures for this app would be the area of maximum focus.

12. Message scheduling app

Slack already has integration for this but a stand-alone message scheduling web app that integrates with different messaging solutions would be a nice idea. The app should be able to integrate with different mailing and messaging services (like Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, Hangout, Telegram, Viber, Skype, Snapchat, and such). And then the user can simply write a text and schedule a date and time for dispatch of the message. The message and schedule should be editable until the message is dispatched.

13. Family organizer

We have different business organizing and management web apps available, but we have started to see a growth in family organizing apps as well. A user can sign-up with an email id and create a family account. And then invite other family members via email, text, WhatsApp text, and other similar texting services. The app should have timetables, members-only messaging services, smart calendars, a to-do list, grocery organizer, budget planner, vacation planner, meal planner, gallery, timetable, and contact book.

14. Web-based emailing app

An app that would have different editable templates for different emailing needs, like marketing email, personal email, interview email, customer follow-up email, etc. The editable email templates should provide smart suggestions to a user while drafting the email. The application will integrate with the user's email, and only act as an intermediary interface to draft effective emails. The receiver will receive the email from the user's main email id.

15. Animal welfare platform

An app to bring together veterinary services, medicines, animal activists, and pet owners. The app should focus on features that help speed up service delivery. The app should have real-time data and help with animal rescue, adoption, and rehabilitation.

How to build these apps?

Well obviously when you are building a unique app, you won't find software solutions that can automate app development. You will have to hire professional developers or outsource your web app development to a software development firm.

A team of professional developers will plan a productive Software Development Life Cycle for your web app idea. They will assess the market for relevant features, technology, content, and design. And eventually, build a web application that will actually click with the audience.

- Anubhav De

Let’s shape your web app idea into a real, feature-rich, product.
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