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7 benefits of outsourcing software development to India

Why should you outsource your website and app development to India? Here are 7 reasons Why. Select the right outsourcing partner for maximum benefits!

Posted by Anubhav De on 07 Feb 2022
7 benefits of outsourcing software development to India

In 70% of the cases, the main reason to outsource software development is that it reduces cost, although there are other significant reasons to back the decision. Outsourcing software development has almost become a routine in the software development industry.

Considering that by 2025 the Global IT market is expected to be worth $397.6 billion if you are planning to outsource your next project, you are probably headed in the right direction.

Benefits of outsourcing software development

Outsourcing has many benefits besides cost-efficiency. One of the most compelling reasons to outsource software development, after cost-saving, is time-saving. Apart from the cost of development, outsourcing also eliminates the hassle of setting up the infrastructure and technology needed to develop.

Finally, when you outsource you generally do so to a team with sufficient expertise and experience, this ensures increased efficiency.

Why consider outsourcing software development to India?

Well for starters, India is the leading nation in the global outsourcing industry. Among 50 top countries in the world, globally, India is considered the best country to outsource software development. Apart from core advantages like 24/7 support, latest technology, and specialized IT talent, the statistics too, support the idea of outsourcing mobile app development, software, and website to India.

In the next 5 years, 40% of India's workforce is expected to enhance its skillset to cater to advanced business requirements. India has 14 super cities that are deemed eligible for outsourcing software development. India has around 125 million English speakers. More than 59% of global businesses outsource to India, where IT and software development is the most common form of outsourcing.

1. A vast pool of human resource

Approximately India produces 3.1 million graduates and 300,000 postgraduates every year. In 2021, India produced 1 million engineering graduates. With such a huge number of engineering employees at disposal, India has a huge capacity to Intake software development outsourcing projects.

India might have an old culture but has a very young population. Naturally, the majority of India's workforce is young as well. This promises enthusiasm and passion. Over 50 percent of India's population is under the age of 25. Thus to the software development outsourcing industry, India has to offer a huge number of young and talented engineers.

2. Cost-efficient

Outsourcing is generally considered desirable for its cost-saving benefits. When you outsource you have to set up your own technology, infrastructure, and team; you save up on their maintenance as well. But when you outsource software development to India you get an added cost-saving benefit. A vast pool of engineers has resulted in a vast number of software development companies, and thus a highly competitive industry. And as a typical trait of a competitive industry, it provides quality service at minimum prices.

In India, hiring software developers is much cheaper when compared to hiring in western countries. In the US hiring a software developer can cost 75-150 USD per hour and can even go up to 250-459 USD per hour. In India however, this cost is as low as 15-40 USD per hour. And this reduction in price never results in a compromise to the quality of the service; it's just an economic feature of a competitive market in a largely populated nation.

3. No communication barrier

An important aspect of the Software Development Life Cycle is the interaction between the product owner and the software developer. In software development outsourcing, language barriers can pose a critical challenge to healthy owner-developer interactions. But not in India—with around 125 million English speakers you don't have to worry about hindrances to the development process due to the language barrier.

When outsourcing your web and app development to India, you can easily communicate with the team of remote developers in English, via different platforms like Skype, Slack, Google meet, Zoom, and more.

4. Trending technology and cutting-edge IT infrastructure

India might yet be a developing nation, but when it comes to infrastructure and technology for software development—it is hard to compete with India. India's huge pool of engineering resource, a flair for IT, and success in software development, has attracted many domestic and foreign investments in IT. Investments that have resulted in state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure.

Plenty of talented young engineers combined with World Class technology and infrastructure makes India a preferred outsourcing destination for high-quality software development solutions, custom web development solutions, and mobile app development solutions.

India has 12 super cities with world-class telecom, cellular networks, and ISP. Business owners can maintain smooth communication with developers via satellite connectivity, submarine cables, and fiber-optic networks.

5. The support of the Indian Government.

India has a very pro-IT government that is constantly improving its policies to support outsourcing software development to India. The Indian government recognizes IT as one of the top 5 high-priority industries. The Government has provided many tax-related benefits and exemptions on IT investment, which has naturally encouraged new investors, and consequently IT growth.

Long-term government campaigns like Digital India, have greatly uplifted the technological surroundings of the social ecosystem. Apart from the IT industry, the government itself is making a paradigm shift to the technological realm, with an intention to establish a cross-sector technological collaboration between public and private.

The Information Technology Act also includes many electronic contracts and cybercrime laws that deal with one of the major challenges of outsourcing software development—data security.

6. Round-the-clock service

One might be concerned about the time zone difference while outsourcing software development to India, but the Indian developers address this issue by providing round-the-clock service. India has sufficient employees, infrastructure, and resources to carry out the web and app development process in rotational shifts and provide service 24/7. Round-the-clock development enhances productivity and ensures on-time delivery.

7. Minimum build time and fast product delivery

Smart technology, a large number of engineers, talented and hard-working employees, and 24/7 service all amount to a faster build time. This time benefit makes India a highly preferred outsourcing destination. When outsourcing to India, India promises the quickest time-to-market for your product.

Outsource your app and website development to Inkoop

Outsourcing app and website development to India have a lot of benefits, but you need to tread carefully when selecting the outsourcing partner. You want the cost-benefit, sure, but you also want a partner who has sufficient experience dealing with global clients—as well as—uses the latest technology and engaging designs.

Inkoop is a software engineering firm that provides website and application development services. Inkoop has years of global experience in transforming business ideas into scalable digital products. Inkoop has a passionate team of developers, creators, and managers—a team well versed with market trends and perfectly able to deal with versatile platform development requirements.

Why Choose Inkoop?

  • Inkoop can provide the latest technology to bring speed, performance, scalability, and optimization.
  • Inkoop can provide cost-efficiency with tailor-made features for your product.
  • A complete team of developers, managers, and creators.
  • Premium code quality and code testing for bug-free performance.
  • On-time delivery of your product.
  • Round-the-clock tech support and maintenance for bug fixes.

For on-time delivery of cost-efficient and scalable digital products, contact Inkoop.

- Anubhav De

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