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Websites that work offline, offers push notifications and other mobile hardware accesss

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps

What makes Progressive Web Apps awesome

   Works offline
PWA offers caches, indexedDB and background sync to enable web pages to work offline. Complete customization is available to control what to cache and what to do when network is restored.
   Push notifications
Ability to send push notifications even when the website is closed to keep your users engaged. Customize what actions user can take on the push notification.
   Access Camera and other native hardware
Ability to access native hardware of phone like camera, sensors to make full use of native devices.
   Feels Native
It provides ability to install the web page to your home screen and customization to make the app feel like a native app. You can add splash screen, adjust app logo, change navbar color and much more.
With Caching options, you can make the website run faster since the web page doesn't have to request resources from the network.
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