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Gatsby is a React based static-site generator powered by GraphQL which lets you build very fast web applications which can be deployed easily and require very less maintenance.

Benefits of Gatsby

What makes Gatsby awesome

   React Based
Gatsby uses react as it's templating language. It supports most of the react libraries and components out of the box.
   Very Fast
Gatsby comes with all kind of optimizations out of the box. Code-splitting, Pre-fetching, Lazy Loading, Asset Optimization, gatsby has all of it built in.
   Easy deployment
Gatsby compiles your code and generates static content which can be deployed anywhere without hassle. Even on the CDN.
   Great SEO
Gatsby builds your web app and pre-renders all the pages for you. Which are fast and can be easily crawled by Search Engines. It does not have shortcomings of traditional Single Page Applications.
   Powered by GraphQL
Gatsby uses GraphQL for getting data. You can pull data from APIs, JSON, Databases, CMS, even file systems, and you can query them all using GraphQL.
   Strong community
Since Gatsby is based on react, it has a huge pool of developers and open source libraries. This helps to build things faster and write more efficient / tested code.
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