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    Trailer Maker
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    Ruby on Rails, Vue JS, Mechanize, HTML, CSS, FFMPEG, MLT Framework, Sidekiq, Rails Admin

Trailer Maker is a campaign launched for a movie to encourage movie buffs to create trailers from movies's short videos and audios. People with most number of likes on their trailers would win the competition. We used MLT framework to merge videos, audios, images and add effects. All the videos were then programmatically generated and uploaded to YouTube.

What did we do?

  • We built the entire web platform from scratch.
  • We used FFMPEG/MLT to merge Video, Photo, Audio, Effects and make an awesome Trailer out of it.
  • The platform was built on Ruby on Rails.
  • We used gems like Sidekiq, Devise, ActiveAdmin, Rspec, Capybara.
  • We used Google APIs to upload the video to Youtube channel.
  • We also tracked number of views, likes, comments on Youtube to figure out the winner.

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