Aranya Earth Craft

Aranya Earthcraft is a modern website to present handmade crafts. At Inkoop we worked on the project using Gatsby to build their website & design using HTML/CSS.

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Aranya Earthcraft is dedicated to bring home the elegance of nature and delicacy of art. Here, with art, they try to follow the aesthetics of nature. A leaf, a dancing body, a blooming lotus, there is a limitless energy that navigates through the nature. They aspire to embody this elegance in our wide range of products. An initiative founded by Preeti Gupta and Dr. Vivek Prasad, is an effort to design and create environment-friendly designer products that can enliven your home.

They are experts in home decor products and jewelleries. They make them with the age-old techniques of papier-mache and recyclable waste material. Nothing is used that would harm the nature. They products are seamless fusion of art, design and nature.

What did we do?

  • Built the website using Gatsby
  • Converted the design to HTML/CSS


Aranya Earth Craft
Aranya Earth Craft
Aranya Earth Craft
Aranya Earth Craft

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