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Use Sup for mood tracking - Manage your team wellness

Use Sup Mood Tracking to keep a watchful eye on how your team morale is progressing. Find out the right time to push motivation and identify effective motivators.

Posted by Anubhav De on 15 Dec 2021
Use Sup for mood tracking - Manage your team wellness

What keeps a team sustainable? Good morale does! Your firm stands on the efficiency of your employees—and your employees have emotions. Emotions, depending on their state, will either hold back efficiency or boost efficiency. Thus, if you want a team that keeps performing efficiently, mood tracking will prove to be a useful tool.

With SUP mood tracking, give your team the motivation they need and when they need it.

Building a stronger team with Sup mood tracking.

A happy team is a strong team. A happy team not only gets its tasks completed in time but also puts in the extra effort to deliver the best possible quality. With Sup mood tracking keep an appropriate handle on your team's morale; know when your team is contented and know when they direly need a dose of motivation.

A fun activity or a food party—use it when your team needs it.

Timing is the key

Mending a team with broken morale is a tedious and taxing task. This is why you will need to be predictive and act before it's too late. The daily Mood Tracking will help you do just that. Track your team's morale on a daily basis, and the very moment the morale starts waning—you will know it's time to act.

What makes your team happy

You can also use the Mood Tracker to identify what are the best morale boosters for your team. Note how your team morale changes, after you have used a motivator. And accordingly, identify the efficacy of a particular motivator. Find what works best for your team, a fun activity, a skill development session, a food party, or a time off.

Increased productivity

Once you have started consistently tracking your team's mood and have identified what makes your team happiest, it will be easy for you to maximize your team's morale. Remember, the higher the team morale, the higher will be their productivity.

A long term growth

If you can consistently maintain high morale for your team—it will impact the long-term growth of your company. If your employees believe that their emotions matter to you, and are being tended to when needed—they will develop a sense of commitment and sincerity towards the company.

How does SUP mood tracking works?

SUP mood tracking is simple and quick. A fast and efficient way to ensure high morale for your remote teams. Technically speaking, the Mood Tracking feature is an option that you can enable on your regular Standups/follow-ups.

Now, when you create a Standup/follow-up on Sup, you get the option to turn on mood tracking (for that specific standup/follow-up.) Your users, along with answering task-based questions—can notify how they are feeling. SUP stores and compiles the mood responses of all your team members, and generates analytics reflecting team mood.

Note, that the mood responses are not available as CSV reports.

The team mood bar

A horizontal bar graph that reflects the mood dynamics in your team. The mood bar reflects the percentage of team members for each mood and helps you spot the prevalent mood in your team.

Dashboard highlight

You will always find the team mood bar pinned as a highlight to your web app Dashboard. Not just track your daily work progress, but also your team mood. Consequently, get a better understanding of the working dynamics between your team mood and productivity.


The mood tracker doesn't point out or store the mood response submitted by each employee. Keeping the responses anonymous, SUP encourages your employees to respond honestly.

The Mood Tracking feature makes SUP the complete team tracking bot for remote teams of all sizes. Track daily task progress with standups and follow-ups, generate reports & timesheets from follow-up responses and track team mood to maintain high morale.

- Anubhav De

Need to track team mood from Slack? Get Sup for your Slack workspace!
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