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Optimize your Slack workspace with these 6 best Geekbot alternatives

Are you planning to make a shift from Geekbot? Then you must check out these 6 best Geekbot alternatives that provide similar features at similar pricing or less.

Posted by Anubhav De on 11 Dec 2021
Optimize your Slack workspace with these 6 best Geekbot alternatives

Say it be an office workspace or remote, there is no evading the daily scrum. And Geekbot has proved its worth when it comes to conducting daily scrums on Slack. Geekbot is feature-rich, nicely integrated with slack, and cost-efficient. But is it the only option out there?

Definitely not! Slack is particularly loved for its huge collection of productivity-building apps; making it the perfect eco-system for remote working. There are tons of alternatives to Geekbot, with each bringing its uniqueness to the concept of asynchronous standups. Following are the 6 best standup bot alternatives to Geekbot, to add to your Slack workspace.

6 best Geekbot alternatives

1. Sup! The complete standup bot


  • Free for all with all its features, and for teams of all sizes.

Sup does way more than just conducting daily standups on Slack. It is the ideal slackbot for remote scrum teams to optimize daily scrums. Sup conducts automated asynchronous standups & follow-ups, maintains response records, generates reports & timesheets, and tracks team mood. And what beats their features, is their pricing—it's free for teams of all sizes.

What you can do with Sup:

  • You can cut short on meetings with quick surveys.
  • You can automate daily scrums and save time.
  • You can maintain a history of all survey responses.
  • You can access and update any previous response.
  • You can use the data to establish timesheets, sprint reviews, and retrospectives.
  • You can track daily work progress, project-specific progress, and employee performance.
  • You can maximize your team morale with mood tracking.

Sup! Features

Conduct daily Standups: Daily standups are an office norm that you simply cannot do without. But in remote working, conducting daily standups traditionally with virtual meetings can be counter-productive. With Sup you can conduct daily Standups with quick surveys. You can schedule a date and time and let the bot automate the process for you.

Conduct multiple follow-ups: Keep daily track of any project or employee by conducting multiple follow-ups throughout the day. Schedule quick surveys with queries specific to a project, task, or employee, to keep a daily track.

  1. Customize follow-up / Standup questions: Sup doesn't restrict you to a fixed set of questions or templates for conducting your surveys. You can add any number of questions to your surveys, and frame any question you want. The fluid & flexible customization provided by Sup helps you conduct surveys that are elaborate and relevant.
  2. Asynchronicity and reminder: Even though the follow-ups will have a specific scheduled time, the users have the flexibility to respond at a time of their choosing. You can also set up the bot to schedule multiple reminders for each follow-up.
  3. Response record: Sup stores all the survey feedbacks and maintains an organized record. You can access this record at any time to view any particular response. The stored responses become a library that you can keep referring to. You can pull up very specific responses specific to a follow-up, employee, or date.
  4. Edit & update response: It is difficult to make a realistic estimation of task definition, duration, and process at the very first attempt. You will often start with a particular estimation, and as the project progresses you will find the estimation proven wrong. This is where you will find the need to update the previous estimation for an accurate future reference. This is where Sup’s edit & update response feature helps you out. With the Sup bot, you can edit and update all your previous responses.
  5. Transparency with channel posting: You can add selected channels to your follow-ups, and the responses will be automatically posted in their respective channels. The channel posting helps maintain transparency within scrum teams.
  6. Reports: Sup can also convert the saved survey responses into spreadsheet reports. You can generate reports on all your follow-ups. You can further customize the report to include data on specific employees and within a particular time span. The reports are generated in CSV files. Sup is generous enough to allow unlimited reports for free!
  7. Retrospective and review report: You can schedule follow-ups at the end of every sprint, with retrospective and review surveys. Generate reports from such follow-ups to get a spreadsheet report on sprint review and retrospective.
  8. Timesheets: You can schedule surveys for particular projects with work-time-related queries to track daily progress, time spent, and employee performance. Later you can simply generate a report on the follow-up and you will have your timesheet. With the flexibility of customizing the survey question, you can easily build thorough and comprehensive timesheets, addressing multiple work-time concerns in a single spreadsheet.
  9. Mood Tracking: When you create a follow-up sprint check-in or Standup survey, you get the option to enable mood tracking. While responding to the mood tracking enabled follow-up, your users can respond with how they are feeling. Sup collects the mood responses of all your teammates and compiles them to generate a horizontal bar graph—reflecting the percentage of employees for each mood. The mood responses remain anonymous to encourage your employees to respond honestly.

Replacing Geekbot with Sup!

Geekbot focuses highly on optimizing daily scrum, with features like asynchronous Standups, reports, and retrospectives; just like Sup! This makes Sup the closest alternative to Geekbot. However, Geekbot is free only for small teams with 10 members or less; for every additional user, you have got to pay at least $2.5 per month. Sup, on the other hand, is free for teams of all sizes. The bottom line, replacing Geekbot with Sup is both plausible and cost-efficient.

2. Kyber


  • Startup: Free for team size 5 or less
  • Team: $3 per user, per month (with 14-days free trial)
  • Enterprise: $9 per user per month (with 14-days free trial)

Kyber is an all-in-one suite of Slack apps to boost your team productivity, including apps to automate your standup meetings, instant polls, and team surveys. Kyber with its many features is the appropriate slack app to tackle multiple business processes like marketing, product management, sales, and engineering.


Kyber has the right set of features to perform most of your scrum ceremonies easily on Slack. You can conduct standup meetings, take fast decisions with instant polls, make sprint reviews and retrospectives with team surveys, and conduct meeting planning.

Kyber can provide additional features like task and project management, channel-specific project management, personal to-do list, message scheduling, and make powerful integrations with apps like Gmail, MS Outlook, Github, Alexa, and Evernote. Finally, Kyber also provides templates that you can configure and build your own micro-apps.

Replacing Geekbot with Kyber

The free version of Kyber is only limited to teams of 5. To get the full range of features with large teams you will need the enterprise pack, which costs $9 per user, per month. Kyber is slightly expensive than Geekbot but it also comes with a greater range of features. If you want only features similar to Geekbot, then you can select the “Team” variant pricing that is only $3 per user, per month.



  • Free for all, but with very limited features is a very light Slack application that solely focuses on conducting asynchronous standups on Slack. is not feature-rich but if you are looking for a free standup slackbot for teams of all sizes, you can consider Stander.


Stander lets you pull from Github commits when making your daily Standup updates, this makes particularly lovable to IT professionals. On the other hand, this feature isn’t of much use to non-technical professionals. Stander can also make standup reminders and post daily updates on the team summary.

Replacing Geekbot with Stander

Replacing Geekbot with is a good option if you run a software development business. The ability to pull from Github commits while making updates is quite a time-saver and makes a prominent difference to your daily workflow. Needless to say, it’s free, so that’s an edge over Geekbot.

4. Troopr


  • Starter: $10 per month (unlimited users, 14-days free trial)
  • Pro: $49 per month (unlimited users, 14-days free trial)
  • Premium: $129 per month (unlimited users, 14-days free trial)
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing, annually (14-days free trial)

Troopr is a feature-rich slack app for optimizing your scrum ceremonies, and it’s free for team sizes up to 25. If you own a startup business with a small team you will find Troopr very cost-effective. Trooper features can accommodate all four scrum ceremonies on Slack, including sprint planning, daily scrums, sprint reviews, and sprint retrospectives.


Troopr addresses different scrum ceremonies with its sprint check-ins. Trooper uses the check-ins for asynchronous standups, planning pokers, retrospectives, and tracking team mood. Trooper standup check-ins can integrate with JIRA, so if you use JIRA for project management, you will find Troopr beneficial.

You can even create JIRA issues from Troopr Check-in responses. The integration also helps you with planning pokers as you can make estimates on JIRA issues from Slack itself. Trooper can schedule retrospective surveys with questions of your choosing and on days and times of your choosing. The responses collected can then be converted into reports.

Replacing Geekbot with Troopr

Troopr takes care of daily scrum and other scrum activities really well, and its deep integration with JIRA can be of great convenience. You can manage and track your JIRA issues quite extensively from Slack itself with Troopr. When compared to Geekbot Troopr gives multiple pricing options, that help you find the right feature-price balance for your business. The plans start from $10 per month (unlimited users,) and go up to $129 per month (unlimited users.) Of course, you also get the custom pricing option. For small teams, Geekbot could prove useful, whereas for larger teams Troopr will be cost-efficient.

5. Standup jack


  • $1 per user per month (14 days free trial)

Jack is yet another nifty Slack bot for your daily standups. Standup Jack is a simple app that conducts daily standups. It's low on features, but if just stand-ups are what you are looking for, you could try Standup Jack.


The primary feature of Standup Jack is conducting daily standups on Slack and posting the entire team's updates on a channel of your choosing. On Standup Jack you create daily standup, give your daily updates, and get your team's update--and that's about it!

Replacing Geekbot with Standup Jack

Standup Jack is very minimalist, it will not clutter your workspace with too many features and notifications. And If you want a bot to simply automate your Standups, but cheaper than Geekbot, Standup Jack can be an option. Standup Jack charges only $1 per user per month, as compared to Geekbot's $2.5.

6. StatusHero


  • Basic: $3 per user, per month; billed annually (21-days free trial)
  • Pro: $5 per user, per month; billed annually (21-days free trial)
  • Corporate: $7 per user, per month; billed annually (21-days free trial)
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing; starts from $12 per user per month (21-days free trial)

StatusHero is a Slack tool to conduct work communication. StatusHero focuses on conducting daily scrums, managing projects, and generating concise reports. The feature combination of StatusHero is aimed at syncing remote teams and establishing trust and transparency.


The three main features of StatusHero are async check-ins, project management, and insightful reports. The prompt customizable check-ins can be sent via multiple tools including, email, SMS, and Slack. StatusHero has deep integration with project management platforms like GitHub, Jira, Trello, Asana, and Azure.

StatusHero also sends team updates, and the data can be used to generate standup reports, retros, and 1:1s. The bot can also build dedicated reports on work progress, to help figure out who is working on what. The bot also provides a ton of other features to help with team management, team communication, and project estimation.

Replacing Geekbot with StatusHero

As far as the features are concerned Standup Jack has almost all of the Geekbot features, if not more. However, as far as interface familiarity is concerned you will have to try and see which one suits you better. You can always take their free trial to check if it's a worthy alternative. In terms of pricing, however, Standup Jack is slightly more expensive than Geekbot. The Standup Jack base plan is $3 per user per month, and Geekbot is $2 per user per month (free for 10 users or less.) StatusHero also has a Pro plan for $5 per month, a corporate plan for $7 per month, and a custom Enterprise plan.

What is right for you?

So how do you choose? What is the right Geekbot alternative for you? The answer lies in why you are seeking a Geekbot alternative. Do you find Geekbot too feature-rich for your purpose? Is it flooding your workspace with notifications? Are you looking for some different features? Or is it simply the cost you want to cut short on? Prioritize your need, and accordingly find the right Slack Standup bot from the above list!

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Sub Website - Learn More about Sup

- Anubhav De

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