Do you want to extend or change some libraries locally according to your project? We can do this using monkey patching.

“Monkey patching is the way to extend or change the default behavior of the code without changing the primary source code.”

For example, we’ll take CKEditor’s react component and will extend it to make it more usable.


npm install --save ckeditor4-react

CKEditor4-react component uses standard presets out of the box. To make it use any other presets or custom package, we can extend the component.

Extending the React CKEditor component to use full Package.

To change the CKEditor create a new component extending the CKEditor and override editorUrl.

import CKEditor from "ckeditor4-react";

class CkEditorFull extends CKEditor {
    constructor(props) {
        //CKEditor4 distribution URL
        CKEditor.editorUrl = "";

export default CkEditorFull;

Now wherever you want to use your custom CKEditor, just import your custom component.

import CKEditorFull from "./CkEditorFull";

    data="Hello World!"

Happy Coding !!!

Rupinder Kaur