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Multiple Platforms

How great would it be to build an app for both iOS and Android at the same time? You guessed it, the biggest advantage Titanium has to offer is that you cut your delivery time IN HALF by using this platform. Even if you want to use specific elements from only one platform, Titanium has simple ways to do it. Things like native iOS Toolbars or Navigation Windows can be added like any other element in your project.

Easy To Learn

I admit that Titanium doesn't have a Storyboard where you can drag and drop elements in your window, but that's a small price to pay when building for multiple platforms. Regardless, I'm going to show you a code snippet for how to add a 'Hello World' text into your app.

Great Support

Their team is constantly bringing updates to the platform, always being up to date with Apple's and Android OS updates.

Our work - SupremeGolf

Supreme Golf is a technology firm that has created the KAYAK of golf tee times. They are the world’s largest and only tee time metasearch engine that allows consumers to compare tee time pricing and reviews from multiple tee time agents and deal sites in one search. Bookings take place directly on SupremeGolf.com and our apps or via affiliate partner properties.

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