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From the established companies to Start-ups, presently a great many organizations are utilizing React Native in production. Inkoop is a well-known React Native Development Company skilled with the latest web and mobile innovation. Our accomplished React Native Developers are versed in React Native mobile App Development.

What is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript framework that includes features to deliver an innovative mobile application advancement for both iOS and Android. It enables you to build applications in JavaScript by reusing the code for both platforms Android and iOS, while as yet conveying a genuine native UI. Created by Facebook, it is one of the quickly developing framework embraced by a large number of developers.
We have helped customers accomplish business greatness by offering an astonishing digital experience to their clients utilizing our services. We follow the latest advancements to create applications for an enterprise, eCommerce, Social Network and more.

Benefits of React Native

What makes React Native awesome

   Known for Optimal Performance
Certainly, React Native is a genuine resource with regards to improving the performance through native control and modules. The React Native gets associated with the native component for both the Operating Systems and creates code to the local APIs.
The improved performance is because of the way it uses a different thread from UI and the native APIs. You can likewise use different options, for example, WebView, but it will decline the performance level.
   Can Reuse the Codes and Pre-Developed Components
Perhaps the greatest advantage of React Native is the upside of code reusability. The developers feel relieved as they don't need to build up a different mobile app for each platform. You can integrate 90% of the native framework for reusing the codes. This unique feature saves a lot of time and decreases the cost of app development. It basically implies that the codes are written in advance are simply required to implement it as per the app requirement.
   Enormous Community of Developers
The fact that React Native is an open-source JavaScript stage where each developer is allowed to add to the framework and it's effectively available to all is amazing. Along these lines, you can use the network-driven innovation. This implies if any developer stalls out someplace while building up an application, he is free to take the assistance of the individuals within the community who might help him. GitHub React Native Community encourages developers to share their encounters at whatever point they discovering some new information about the React Native. They also get feedback from the members of the community.
   React Native is a Cost-Effective Solution
Reusability in React Native diminishes the expense of the application development. The developers don’t have to utilize separate codes for both the platforms as both OS can be coded with a single programming language. So, This makes your task cost moderate as you don't need to utilize an enormous group and various developers for taking care of business.
   Offers Simple User Interface
The React Native likewise offers a versatile User Interface, That is the reason it is increasingly known as an open-source JavaScript library instead of being a system. When you have developed a perfect application, it's essential to get the interface right and React Native is only the ideal decision for getting it. It offers a progressively responsive UI and reduces the loading time too.
   Support Plugins
The React Native additionally supports third-party plugins offering a few alternatives that incorporate native modules and JavaScript modules. This is on the grounds that it doesn't have some components in the main framework.
For example, If you are adding any Map in your application, React Native allows you to do as such by associating the plugin with a native or third-party module.
   Offers More Stable Apps
One of the advantages of React Native is that it simplifies the process of data binding. This helps your app become more reliable and stable. The child element doesn't have any effect on the parent data. The React Native only allows the updating of the permitted components and if you need to make any alteration, at that point you are required to change and apply the updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an existing app written in Objective-C/ Swift / Java. Can I still use React Native?
No, you can't directly use React Native but you can migrate your apps from Objective-C/Swift/Java to React Native and take advantage of its Cross-platform features.
What are the advantages of using react native over the native approach?
The biggest advantage of React Native is you just need to build your application once, in JavaScript. Where conventional development of iOS and Android applications require two versions being produced from scratch, React Native utilizes one codebase. This spares time on developing the applications.
Which is better React Native and React.JS?
React is for websites(front-end) while React Native is for Mobile Apps. React is a framework for building applications using JavaScript. React Native is a platform enabling you to build native, cross-platform mobile applications, and React.js is a JavaScript library you use for developing a high performing UI.
To put it across in simpler terms, React is perfect for building dynamic, high performing, responsive UI for your web interfaces, while React Native is intended to give your mobile applications a genuinely native feel.
Will An App Made on React Native look and run the same way on iOS and Android?
React Native compiles your app and renders UI elements natively. This will make your app run natively on iOS and Android. Almost 90% of React Native code can be used between iOS and Android. This is one of the biggest advantages of React Native and it also saves you time and money.
Does having React Native mean we don’t need native developers?
Yes, If you're using React native you don't need dedicated developers for both the platforms(iOS and Android) for most of the scenarios. A vast majority of the applications can be built and deployed using React Native only. One developer with Knowledge of React Native can build an app that will run on both the platforms. Although there are some application that needs to be built using Native Technologies(Swift/Objective-C/Java) to utilize some specific set of features, in that case, If your application meets that niche then you need native developers.

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