Why should you care about DevOps now?

It’s been a while buzzing “DevOps”!!!

If you are thinking I will explain it to you now.. NO!!!! There are lot many out there doing it for you and me..

If you are still here with me I am sure you do care about DevOps, if not better you start!!!

Here we go,

Whether or not you have worked in Development, testing or administrating teams.. you name it!! You will be standing either of these two boxes “Dev” and “Ops”.

Without you knowing it your enterprise has already have shuffled you many times between the boxes or I would rather say there are no more boxes!!!

But the culture.. Culture which have begun a way long back and be there..

Don’t believe?? Have a look..

More than 65%+ of SMEs have adopted the culture and practicing it.

45% + Enterprises are practicing DevOps.

DevOps adoption increased from 66% in 2015 to 74% in 2016.

And only 11% have not planned yet!! Remember only 11%.

Why would you think 11% have not planned? New skills, accepting change!!? Most possibly yes.

Why are others so aggressive in adopting DevOps and getting all of it?

  • Deployment speed have increased more than 10 times.
  • Better collaboration between teams.
  • Highly reliable deployments.
  • Most important, Awesome technologies and YOU!!!!

Some more things for you to remember:

  • DevOps teams have increased from 16% in 2014 to 19% in 2015 to 22% in 2016 to 27% in 2017 and it will not stop!!
  • With DevOps culture what we saw is 40+ times more frequent code deployments, 400+ times faster lead time from commit to deploy, 90+ times faster time to recover faults and 5 times lower change failure rate. Wow!!! Isn’t that amazing??
  • And in some organisations were able to increase time spent on developing new features by 700%. Ohh!! Wait.. Did I just say “700%” ?!! Yes.

Now what??

I would not say what tools you must learn, rather

Around __43%__ of companies are using a configuration tool such as __Chef, Puppet, Ansible, or Salt__. Use of multiple configuration tools is more common though (25%) than a single configuration tool (18%).

Use of DevOps tools increased drastically in past years, Chef and Puppet are the most commonly used DevOps tools at 32% each (Chef is up from 28%, and Puppet is up from 24% in 2015). The biggest gains year-over-year came from Docker, which more than doubled in use (13% to 27%). Ansible also saw strong gains, doubling from 10% to 20% adoption. Adoption of cluster management tools lagged Docker adoption with Kubernetes (7%) and Docker Swarm (6%) gaining the largest use.

Naveen Kumar

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