7 Thing About Mobile App You Probably Haven't Considered

Through all the mobile app development projects we have worked on, we at Inkoop came up with a checklist that answers some of the most common challenges businesses face when it comes to mobile app development.

Posted by Aditya Prakash on 31 Jan 2020

In the present digital environment, organizations seek to set up an effective presence across channels to be in touch with potential clients. Furthermore, with regards to reaching the intended target audience, mobile apps act like one of the most integral assets.

There are many parts to the mobile app development process. In that capacity, the mobile app development process is carried out in steps. To leverage the advantages of a mobile app for your business you need to asses certain things before you go ahead with it.

Like any cutting edge business attempt, we start by putting forth a defense for the new idea, right now the mobile application. A checklist for whether or how you should go ahead with the idea of app development.

A good reason for the App

why do u need a mobile app

The requirement for building up a mobile application should fall in accordance with your business objectives. Be sure about why you need an app and characterize the objectives or something bad might happen, your application may not be aligned to support your outcomes. Address questions like, for what reason do you need an application and what vision do you have for the application? How much money are you willing to put for an app? Is it a good idea ? or should you wait before you go ahead with app development? All these questions can be answered by looking through your business objective.

Purpose of mobile app development

purpose of mobile app

Before the app development process starts, have a list describing the core idea behind the application in simple terms. This won't just help you with passing on the plan to other people but also enable you to imagine what the application would look like. Your list should respond to questions, for example, what is the application about, by what means will be valuable to end-users, how should your app describe your business and so forth.

Identify potential users

identify mobile app users

If you want a successful app for your business, it is essential having a clear understanding of what users you need to target. Characterizing the potential crowd for the application will permit you to structure it in like manner and furthermore help you market the app after development. For this, you need to address questions like who are the potential users who will utilize your app and by what method will your app take into account their needs or take care of their issues.

Market Research

market research for mobile app development

Regardless of whether you are working on a unique idea or something that already exists, you should look at applications in your niche to see how they work. By doing a contender examination, you'll have the option to address possible opportunities by filling up the gaps in the market. A SWOT( strengths, weakness, opportunities & threats) is what you should start with.

Why should you Outsource?

outsource your mobile app

When it comes to building an app outsourcing the service is the most common one. This is always a debatable topic in the mobile app development industry. The benefits of outsourcing mobile app development are-

Low Cost- Building an in house app will always cost you more because you need to start from scratch and getting a team together working on various aspects of app development increases the cost. On the other hand, outsourcing is a good idea because a dedicated company that’s been building apps is used to handling projects coming in from various agencies.

App Quality- A custom app development company that has been in business for a good time and has worked across various fields and geographical locations, they are well versed in what they do. Want a quality app for a lower cost? Outsourcing is the answer.

Finding the right agency

mobile app development companies

So, now that you decide to outsource it finding the right mobile app development services would be your next step. What should you be looking for while taking to various agencies about building an app for you? Always remember an efficient app development company will communicate clearly, will help you set realistic goals, and have a team of skilled developers ready for you. They will always be clear about the concept of the app or the design aspect and even be there for post-launch maintenance. Hence, choose a mobile app development service that you can clearly communicate to and they understand the purpose of building an app for your business from the marketing perspective as well.

Promote the App

promote your mobile app

One of the most common reasons why mobile apps fail is because the organization has no marketing strategy in place for the app. For instance, How do you plan on letting potential users know about the new app? Is there a campaign in place for installing the app? Are you working on your ranking factors? Etc.

A well-designed marketing campaign will drive users and engage the audience. Utilizing social media, promoting quality reviews are some of the methods to start with.


There has been a tremendous increase in mobile app users, this has created a lot of opportunities for businesses trying to target their potential audience but to cater to the right audience having a quality app should be a priority. You have to understand what are the objective mobile app development can achieve and you need to utilize it smartly and not do it just because others are doing it. Always build an app around the user, it is totally possible to translate a great idea into a great app by asking the right questions and having a plan in place.

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